Ancelotti wants him at Real and brings new troubles to Perez

Carlo Ancelotti wants Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, however, Florentino Perez has thrown all his weight in the case of Ebape. The data for the future of Portugal. Everyone is set to cause trouble in Florentino Perez this summer. Where he does what he can to get Killian Mbape to calm down a bit from the reactions that exist, Carlo Ancelotti comes to set him on new fires.

The Italian coach is said to have expressed on the side of Cristiano Ronaldo his interest in the return of the Portuguese to Madrid. The coach of Real is even said to have undertaken to convince Perez and to throw bridges between the two sides again.

We remind you that Ronaldo’s relationship with Perez is not only the best possible, while we should not forget that among the players that the president of Real had slated in his audio was the Portuguese superstar.

The meteoric future of Cristiano Ronaldo

No matter how Ancelotti’s efforts go, it is a given that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus and is looking for a way to do so.

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