Best Bars In Austin That You Should Visit

From absinthe bars to make mixed drinks served in a parking structure, retro pool gatherings to Argentinian speakeasies, Austin treats its bar scene in a serious way. Whether you’re bellying up to a local jump or a roof sitting above Austin’s horizon, there are no deficiency of spots or mixed drinks to be had. Peruse on for our intel on where to drink in Austin.

The White Horse

This is maybe the coolest honky-tonk in Austin. The basic space reassures newbies, while regulars take to the dance floor when unrecorded music is playing consistently on a tiny stage. A photograph corner, pool tables, and a little yard with seating take into consideration breathers between sets.

With a fully stocked bar that serves bourbon on draft, the energy at this jump never appears to fade; neither does the progression of modest beverages. Furthermore, the unique group is perhaps the best amazement here-a multigenerational blend of trendy people, farmers, rockabillies, and bikers gather daily.

Nickel City

The energy is positively divey (touchy lighting and retro signage included), with a specialty mixed drink menu to counter it. Benefactors love Nickel City for its receptive setting without the shoddy plunge bar drinks.

Nickel City Negronis and Aperol Spritzes are on draft, while the remainder of the mixed drink list is parted into notable, lesser-known, and obscure beverages furthermore, a segment gave to lager and-a-shot combos. This is an incredible spot to come for a down-home involvement with Austin.

The Roosevelt Room

This reservations-suggested bar has become one of Austin‘s chicest create mixed drink objections (you’ll need to toss on those heels or jacket). The modern chic first-floor region is continuously humming, and a higher-up relaxation has an easygoing vibe: a pool table and gallery perspectives of the space beneath.

The staff here is taught and keeps an eye on visitors with a concentrated lack of concern. Genuine mixed drink experts will need to set out on the situated mixed drink experience directed by bar staff, yet assuming that appears to be excessively formal, requesting individually at the bar will net you something comparable.

Drink Well

Drink Well’s mixology-driven menu features a portion of Austin’s best occasional refreshment fixings, with their own contort, and the eating experience conveys Austin’s wellbeing swarm (an extraordinariness at a bar).

The one drawback is that the TV over the bar conflicts with the closed setting, and some could say that visitors giving a shout-out to football match-ups clashes with planned relaxed encounters. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret that-or then again assuming you’re one of the boisterous ones yourself-you’ll observe the incredible food and beverages merit halting for.

Seven Grand

This whiskey bar feels like a cross between a refined mixed drink relaxation and a hunting lodge. Uncovered block facades with taxidermy, touchy lighting, pool tables, and tufted cowhide seating (and periodic live jazz or blues) balance the energy, striking a noteworthy blend of laid-back and playful. One side of the bar is loaded with north of 400 jugs of whiskey, rye, and scotch.

The other is loaded with many gatherings having their adaptation of a people’s night over here. Most everybody shares a typical enthusiasm for refined earthy colored alcohols. Assuming that is the thing you’re searching for, this is the ideal spot to start off a night out with make mixed drinks and rounds of pool.

Kitty Cohen’s

This retro deck bar is immediately defiant and female, serving mixed drinks and punches in a lawn setting with poolside seating. A sea blue range, pink flamingo backdrop, yard, and deck furniture causes it to feel like a pool party all year, while never getting wet.

Sensibly estimated tropical beverages, mixed drinks, frozen rosé, and Texas lagers are on the whole on hand, and culinary pop-ups show up here to satisfy the bubbly group.

Firehouse Lounge

This notable structure Austin’s most seasoned standing fire station raised around 1885-is part of creating a mixed drink bar and part inn. The parlor’s old-world appeal, red dividers, and uncovered wood set up for unrecorded music from jazz to blues to take care of business.

The cosmopolitan barkeeps at Firehouse Lounge reproduce mixed drinks from around the world, parting the menu between works of art and occasional drinks. As you would anticipate from a bar that imparts land to an inn, the group here is very blended, energetic, and common.


One of Austin’s littlest and most slippery bars is additionally one of its ideals. The suitably named Garage (it’s in a real sense wedged inside a parking structure on Colorado Street), is considerably cozier within than its average modern environmental elements recommend something the standard-chasing regulars can berate you the bat.

The beverages are rich, herbaceous, and adjusted on our visit we had an Apple and Vine, an exciting yet brilliant mix of Calvados, Malbec, lemon, and tapped sharp flavoring. Likewise, make a point to request a request for the blue crab toast prior to getting comfortable with your intrigued tourists.

Midnight Cowboy

This massage parlor-turned speakeasy is presently one of Austin’s coolest and most selective bars. Be that as it may, don’t ponder simply dropping in-the cozy bar is reservations-just, so book ahead. What’s more, it’s definitely justified: House mixed drinks are wonderfully embellished and are rich continuations of the soul forward current mixed drink development. Peruse: they’re strong.

They additionally join probably the most predominantly well-known fixings (Japanese whisky, mezcal) with perfectly reciprocal, however, less arranged components (Galliano or genever for instance).


East sixth is the coolest spot to be in Austin, and Whisler’s is the coolest put on East sixth. The mixed drinks are skillfully created, especially in the devoted Mezcal bar higher up (Mezcaleria Tobala).

They do the rudiments quite well (an extraordinary Old Fashioned, for instance, and an incredible hot drink throughout the cold weather months), for certain intriguing increases that will provoke the interest (and stimulate the taste buds) of more experienced mixed drink consumers. Come here for a night out with a companion, yet all at once not the untidy kind.

Weather Up (CLOSED)

This New York City branch-off wires East Coast and Southern opinions: inside feels like it very well may be Tribeca, with white metro tiles, current lighting, and blonde wood furniture, while the rambling lawn with trees and porch furniture shout Texas.

Of course, you can expect a list of ex-pats and local people to blend here, and commonly those with a hip hint. Bright drinks are served in proper barware here, and most refreshments accompany hand-cut or squashed ice, for an additional happy touch.

Now and again well disposed or whimsical, the mentality is somewhat of a crapshoot. Fortunately, the beverage quality is predictable all of the time.

Half Step

The Craftsman-period building gives a homier-than-ordinary feel. There’s an entryway patio with finishing, a lounge room style inside, and a terrace with a rail and seating, making it the ideal spot to chill with a mixed drink and new companions.

You’ll find regulars hanging out back in the shade given by the trees, or on the entryway patio going about as though it were their own. Contingent upon the day, live bluegrass music or occasions like frank eating challenges might bring even more a party set to partake in the basic mixed drinks here. Not over-convoluted or ostentatious, most beverages are made with four fixings or less, by a bar staff that embodies southern friendliness.

Milonga Room

This speakeasy-style cantina is tactfully tucked under Buenos Aires Cafe and the bar embraces the preclusion period thoughts hard. You should reserve a spot and get the secret phrase preceding showing up.

Whenever you’ve been conceded section through the secondary passage, you’ll show up in an Art Deco room with turquoise dividers, classic velvet sofas, and dividers loaded with out-of-control works of art. The mixed drink menu observes Argentine fernet and amaro, with an exceptional assortment of uncommon collectible spirits hand-chose by the proprietors.

The personal setting makes it an extraordinary spot for a unique date or amazing guests and anybody with a proclivity for Argentine culture.


Austin’s first absinthe bar flaunts pre-Prohibition mixed drinks and French solace passage in a slick setting. Of kind absinthe wellsprings and green candle holders on the bar honor the renowned (and regularly misconstrued) soul. Fittingly powerful mixed drinks are the feature here, similar to the Oaxaca Flocka (mezcal, rum, passionfruit, lime, coconut, absinthe rouge).

Barkeeps highly esteem their broad information on spirits and mixed drinks, making an inviting air to get clarification on pressing issues. This is an optimal spot for a significant beverage with a companion or an interesting date, and an invigorating takeoff from Austin’s larger and plunge bar scene.

Craft Pride

This hip specialty lager staple on Austin’s energetic Rainey Street is about the Texas pride: they just serve specialty lager made by in-state breweries. Inside, wood-framed dividers give it a lodge feel, while the terrace flaunts an enthusiastic environment, frequently with unrecorded music.

The well-known fenced-in back deck is frequently packed with bunches of fanatic lager sweethearts and delegates of nearby distilleries tasting their direction through fresh introductions and restricted discharges. You don’t need to be a specialist in aging to fit in here, however, an oddity makes a difference.

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