Best Bars in Barcelona

For a city in a country with such a long history of winemaking, you may be astounded to figure out that Barcelona’s bar scene additionally punches well over its weight. Current mixed drink bars are opening up each and every other month, knocking toward universally perceived symbols that have been open for very nearly a century and unassuming little vermuterias, where nearby vermouth streams from the tap like a waterway. It’s the kind of bars, like beach bars where you could enter wearing kaftan.

Furthermore, who could fail to remember the gin and tonic? This apparently simple blended drink is a public fixation and is maybe best delighted in large numbers of Barcelona’s in the open-air bars, where the groups pour out onto the roads. For the mixed drink devotee, Barcelona is probably the most sweltering ticket in Europe at this moment. Peruse on for our rundown of Barcelona’s best bars. Salud!


Nowadays, in any place you are on the planet, it’s normal to track down a bar where each drink accompanies some kind of preposterous help custom: smoke, fire, dry ice, and so on. That is the arrangement at Paradiso, which is taken cover behind a cooler entryway inside a pastrami shop in the popular El Born area.

Giacomo Giannotti’s wonderful menu is loaded with occasional pleasures with fixings obtained from the Santa Caterina market. Beverages can require a long time to make-creativity of this sort doesn’t come rapidly however barkeeps are agreeable and the spot is rarely excessively swarmed.

The Bowery

The 19 fundamental mixed drinks at The Bowery are created as much for your eyes as your taste buds, with crystal so innovative that we challenge anybody to securely stack it in a dishwasher. They can make you recovery drink. Take L’Atlantique: an ocean growth implanted gin with ginger, cardamom, and foamy pineapple that shows up in a glass squid with supermodel-length legs.

Feign Induce-a blend of liquor, honey, and salted chocolate that could twofold as medication if not for a further dab of Bacardi-is served in a lab-style test tube. There’s additionally a really amazing (in a literal sense) bourbon list, including single malts, rye bourbon, whiskey, and Japanese assortments.


Dividers sprinkled in spray painting, a pool table that serves as a cooperating center, and stone support points stepped with neon lightning bolts: Clubhaus’ metropolitan, electric stylish resembles bringing down a tequila shot and strolling into the pages of a magazine. Before its opening in March 2019, there was nothing similar to it in Barcelona: a space that could do mixed drinks, karaoke, table tennis, road food, and smaller than usual golf. Every bar has bleeding kit beside first aid kit.

The entry-level (called the Show Room) works in coffee martinis (pick rum or tequila), in addition to Negronis in 50 cl containers intended for sharing, and the first floor is the place where you’ll find the games zone. A heads-up: The Badass (Don Julio Tequila, Casa Amigos Mezcal, and red pepper sherbet) is most likely best not blended in with the dartboard.

Caribbean Club

Opened in 1974 as a rum bar, Caribbean Club looks a piece like within a boat; that is, a tiny, cookroom-like boat that would cause most current speakeasies to feel as open as an amusement park.

The nautical subject goes on with many books about Cuba and an arrangement of the tropical mixed drinks. As you would expect, Caribbean rums in their many structures are the draw here: on point shaken daiquiris, satiny El Presidentes, and rum Old Fashioneds blended with adoration.

Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits

Solange is a smooth James Bond-themed bar with a well-to-do horde of regulars and vacationers it’s in the beating Sant Antoni area, all things considered so if it’s not too much trouble, dress the part and leave the warm-up pants at home. It has arts and crafts of ww1 airplanes.

In any case, even with a 007 spine, many beverages get some distance from the normal Vespers and Martinis-they’re very beautiful and fruity. Barkeeps are extremely great, and they’ll gamely assist you with exploring the fairly confounding menu.

Ideal Cocktail Bar

Ideal, which has been around starting around 1931, is about the works of art: a dry Martini, a Horse’s Neck highball, a major measure of whisky to finish off the evening. Driven by third-age proprietor José María Gotarda (who may be working the bar every so often), the group here comprises genuine stars who look like it in their essential white coats.

Request to meet Guillermo, who has remained behind this bar for quite some time, or Sergio, his commendable delegate. Anticipate no firecrackers, yet what they do, they progress admirably.


Despite the fact that Cecconi’s is actually a Soho House property, you don’t should be a part to drink or feast here-which is incredible information, assuming you’re searching for a spot to post up for a couple of hours and answer messages with a mixed drink close by.

The menu offers nothing excessively energizing, however, does some phenomenal, if standard, aperitivi, remembering an extraordinary Sbagliato and brilliant riffs for the Americano and the spritz. There’s additionally an interesting Bloody Mary accessible during the end of the week early lunch. It’s right next to the office of phoenix personal injury lawyer.

Bobby Gin

The worldwide gin frenzy is going all out, and no place is that more on show than at Gracia’s Bobby Gin, which flaunts 80 distinct assortments, as well as seven unique carbonated glasses of water.

Obviously, everyone here is grasping a larger than average wine challis loaded up with an immense G&T, which many consider the best around no little accomplishment for a country that has raised the apparently unassuming blended drink to religious status. Tar staff is open and drawing in, and glad to direct you to the right gin to suit your sense of taste.

Dry Martini

Nothing unexpected Dry Martini is viewed as a sanctuary to its namesake mixed drink. In the bar, a barkeep remains on a raised platform while setting up every Martini; in the meantime, an electronic counter shows the number of Martinis that have been made all through the bar’s set of experiences. (In case it wasn’t already obvious, we requested No. 1,077,209.) Don’t mess with the novel mixed drinks you’re not here for a shiso mojito or a (swallow) cherry Martini.

Bar Sauvage

The sister joint to Creps al Born-and found straightforwardly across the road Sauvage has comparative cheery energy with a comparably wonderful horde of revelers, however, it’s not close to as insane.

An imaginative menu highlights Latin spirits and new organic products, spices, and vegetables. There’s additionally an adequately delectable Bloody Mary (called a Vampirella) and a smooth Old Fashioned. Whenever it’s open, the ground floor room is the place where the party gets down.

Can Cisa

One of Barcelona’s best wine bars, Can Cisa spends significant time on normal wines. It has an open-to, welcoming energy, with a long shared table and a whole mass of modern steel wine confines that house simply a piece of the in excess of 700 determinations on the broad menu. You’ll have the option to test charge from the joined Bar Brutal, which serves the absolute most diverse food in the city-so come hungry.

Tandem Cocktail Bar

Pair is a calm minimal joint that doesn’t see a ton of activity simply little gatherings and couples staying out of other people’s affairs. Open now for nearly 30 years, this spot could be viewed as a Barcelona exemplary; it draws in more seasoned customers that like the better things and needs to keep away from too-popular spots. The menu peruses a piece obscurely, yet don’t allow that to dissuade you from requesting an exemplary mixed drink.

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