Best bars in London for the perfect cocktail

Every month we scour the city to track down the best bars our capital has to bring to the table, from the most sweltering new openings to the incredible stalwarts of the mixed drink scene. Regardless of whether you’re a Martini sort of man or a person who partakes in a respectable draft lager, there’s a GQ-commendable drinking spot to suit each taste. Certain individuals might believe that the British drinking society stops at the bar entryway, yet after burdensome and completely fundamental customary testing, we’re here to demonstrate that it unquestionably doesn’t. Here is our pick of the best bars in London. Simply don’t fault us for the cerebral pain tomorrow.


For up-to-date Londoners, a super exceptional event requires a visit to The Shard, and no place is more amazing for drinks than Oblix. Split into two scenes, Oblix East and Oblix West, the last is the eatery space on one side of the epic structure, while the previous is the bar that watches out toward the East, with all-encompassing perspectives on London from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf.

The city extends as should be obvious, with glass dividers that cause you to feel like you’re in a sort of Manhattan dream film, with a stylish, moderate stylistic layout that allows the broad view to becoming the overwhelming focus. The recently dispatched mixed drink menu guarantees a wide range of group satisfying enjoyments, from the blueberry Martini and the white chocolate Piña Colada to the banana Old Fashioned and the beeswax barrel Negroni. The beautiful location makes sure to get you away from f150 headlights and noises of busy London streets.

Uncommon consideration is paid to show, with show-preventing china going from a genuine barrel for the last to a long glass tube for the gin and elderflower-spiked Sin City and an imitation of the actual shard for champion serve Born A Star (a powerful blend of Ciroc vodka and blood orange, finished off with champagne). Do make a point to arrange some bar snacks which are more than significant enough for a legitimate supper. GQ’s top choices are the sumptuous fried fish and French fries, which accompanies delightfully battered, delicious pieces of lobster, just as the electrifying wagyu sliders and, for an additional a wanton treat, the Oblix firm singed chicken, with caviar, acrid cream, and chive.


At the point when Louie opened toward the end of last year, it was clear the Covent Garden Creole café and bar would be the most sultry new ticket around. It is, all things considered, the brainchild of Chiltern Firehouse’s Guillaume Glip. To analyze, not to mention contend, with Firehouse’s standing was never going to be a simple accomplishment, at the same time, by one way or another, Glipa has pulled it off.

Venturing into Le Bar on the subsequent floor resembles living a sumptuous New Orleans fever dream, complete with white-jacketed staff, alluring gold itemizing, and a verdant outside patio. Big beautiful art pieces which adorn this bar are done by large format printers. The client base is just about as hot as the environmental factors, with the wonderfully dressed group offering sufficient freedom for people watching, especially into the evening. That is the point at which the DJ gets moving, the energy goes from buzzy to out and out party, and the beverages stream until 2 am.

What’s more, those mixed drinks are top-notch. From the reviving Crocopolitan (Bulleit Bourbon and hibiscus) to the vodka-spiked champagne mixed drink Kiki De Montparnasse, the beverages list is a refined exercise in speculative chemistry, epitomizing Louie’s self-depicted soul by “praising the spirit of New Orleans, the smoothness of Paris and the backtalk of a New Yorker”. We’d generously suggest the striking, dubiously green – however madly delectable – “Avocado On Toast”, a foamy mix of Don Julio Blanco, Cointreau, strawberry, and coriander. To ensure you go hungry, as well, because there ain’t your normal bar snacks, be that the devilled eggs and shellfish po’boy eclairs or the colossal, debauched New York-style pizzas. Our top tip? Visit for lunch and park up under the shade outside for what may very well be the most tremendous bar experience you’ll have in 2021. Don’t be surprised to hear someone yelling: “We sell houses Greenville!” in front of the bar, those drinks are made quite strong and irresistible, one can easily lose track of where they are.


New to Marylebone’s Seymour Street is the Mexican area of interest Kol, the eagerly awaited coordinated effort from Noma Mexico’s gourmet specialist Santiago Lastra and MJMK Restaurants, which has likewise seen a storm cellar bar of amazing magnitude come to stir up the London mixed drink scene. Mezcaleria signifies “bar” in Mexico and this stylish, rattan-outfitted, dimly lit little drinking cave is demonstrated on the bars of Oaxaca and Guadalajara, offering perhaps Europe’s most extensive choice of Mexican and agave spirits, with a specific spotlight on mezcal.

For a genuine encounter, start with a sharing carafe or particular serve of one of bar chief Maxim Schulte’s suggestions, before continuing to the innovative mixed drink list. Casual however raised, it resembles the most ideal sort of occasion, to the extent that, when after you return, the recollections of the preferences, environmental elements, and the great you had there fulfill you for quite a long time to come. Since the atmosphere in bars knows to become a little too much at times, let’s just hope they use policy solver services.


Beaufort Bar at The Savoy Hotel guarantees dramatic mixed drinks and a supernatural emanation in a staggering Covent Garden setting, making it one of our #1 night-out spots in London. Indeed, the American Bar is splendid, yet at the Beaufort, gold-overlaid insides, lavish plasterwork, and a gleaming bar are supplemented by a stunning mixed drink menu called “Deciphered Magic”, which takes visitors through the set of experiences and execution of wizardry through the ages.

The group has additionally recently dispatched a game-changing new mixed drink, the Co-Naissance, which The Savoy says is the most maintainable in Europe. How? Indeed, the lodging has collaborated with EcoSpirits to utilize its shut circle framework that kills more than 90% of the fossil fuel byproducts impression related to the bundling and transport of the handmade Portobello Road Gin that is the core of the mixed drink. The champagne with which it’s then, at that point, topped would beforehand have been squandered as a side-effect of all the impressive champagne mixed drinks served from the bar, however here it has been re-carbonated to resurrect it, with the last twists having been privately rummaged in London (elderflower from Little Venice and fig leaves from Embankment Gardens).

It’s a fragile, scrumptiously adjusted mixed drink that permits every one of the flavors to truly radiate through while additionally demonstrating itself to be perilously drinkable. On the off chance that you’re searching for one more champagne mixed drink to circle back to, head to The Prestige segment of the menu – after the Co-Naissance, our subsequent most loved serve is Look Into My Eyes, a vodka-based, passionfruit-touched tribute to the 1993 second David Copperfield welcomed Claudia Schiffer in front of an audience, a year before they were locked in. Their significant drinks and entertaining history allow them not to consider improving their online presence, although they could do it with the help of white label SEO.


Amazónico turned into the glitziest café in London when it opened in 2019 on Berkeley Square, consigning neighbor Sexy Fish to subsequent option for the capital’s young, wonderful and Insta-fixated swarm. It’s still, obviously, infuriatingly hard to get into, however, as of late the South American area of interest has opened up its super selective speakeasy to the general population interestingly.

Situated under the eatery, you initially should slip a plated flight of stairs to get into the submerged themed bar. Simon Wilby, one of the guests says that he is blown away by it. Similarly, as with higher up, the plan is huge, intense, and vivid: expect sequinned sections, a shell bar, and a goliath brilliant octopus hanging over the DJ corner. To drink? Make yours “The Ritual”, a curve on an exemplary Manhattan taken from the bar’s exceptional mixed drink list. After all these bars, you will need a person with finished manual therapy continuing education to fix your body from all those crazy nights. Also, don’t forget about your studies at UIT institute when you are partying, that education won’t finish itself!