Styling Kaftan For 3 different occasions

Fashion is a dynamic trend that requires continuous adaptation and adapts to changing environments and situations. With comfort and convenience reigning supreme, especially since last year the popularity and demand of kaftans are definitely taking the plunge. The breathable, lightweight fabrics, asymmetrical silhouettes, playful patterns, and soft motifs, as well as a flattering silhouette – the kaftans, are now an essential piece of clothing! As a result, many clothing brands and labels have been launched. The kaftan has a distinct look and is versatile. Style it with pants, dress it as a jacket or wear it with jeans.

For a beach or a pool party

Be awestruck by the comfy fabrics and soft cuts of the stunning Kaftan when you are attending the beach party or unwinding at the pool. It’s elegant for a party at the pool or to wear as a cover-up on the beach. the influencer, Sakshi Sindwani’s coral kaftan fashion is the most perfect style you need for cooling off this summer.

Considering that it is not a fitted garment and is not a fitted garment, it’s obvious that you are able to wear it and you’ll stay cool when you dip your feet into the sand. For those women who are self-conscious about their body in swimwear (we strongly believe there is divine beauty in each and everybody, regardless of its size), a kaftan will allow them to look stunning while remaining cool and showing off as much of their body as they feel comfortable in.

You can pair it with some stylish sandals, and your favorite shades and you’ll be beach ready. If you’d like to add more style to your beach attire (say you’re planning to have lunch at a restaurant by the sea) put on the belt and you’re completed!

Tips: Select a kaftan in a natural fabric (i.e. organic cotton) to aid your body remain cool (natural fabrics “breathe”)

Intimate destination weddings

The easy, breezy, floaty is the style guideline to wear for a wedding with a personal touch and kaftans definitely tick every one of those boxes. Easy to style, kaftan-inspired dresses make for a solid day-to-night transition outfit wherein you can wear it with statement jewelry and subtle makeup for your daytime appearance.

Kaftans are flattering on nearly everyone, regardless of their shape or size, and help hide any parts of the body you would not want to highlight. For example, women who have a bigger bust can get an incredibly flattering appearance with a kaftan with long sleeves and a low V-neck.

If you’re into a boho chic look, put on low-heeled sandals (Ancient Grecian style are excellent but any leather piece will suffice) You can also add a soft handbag on your shoulder, and some large, designer sunglasses then you’ll have the boho chic ensemble you have always wanted! Wear it to the beach, or for informal summer parties on weekends.

If you want to spice up your kaftan making it appropriate for formal occasions, opt to wear a more fitted look and select a piece from silk or other luxurious fabric. If you want to add more glamour, consider wearing a kaftan composed of layers of silky fabric. You can pair it with jewelry (i.e. the belt in gold or silver) to dress it up to make it more formal. A pair of heels and jeweled sandals will help you make a fashion statement and increase the classy feel of your outfit.

For brunch

Take a break for a casual brunch with your friends while dressed in the most exquisite Kaftan, which is not just elegant, but is also extremely simple to put together for a chic daytime style. To keep cool during a hot summer day pick a short-length kaftan. Forget the full-length one like model Tarini Manchanda. She’s elegantly styled her block print kaftan with pretty pastel hues.