How do you effectively cleanse your boat?

If you’re an owner of a boat the boat you own is likely the most sought-after asset. Maintaining your boat in top condition is essential to safeguard your investment. It is important to understand how to maintain your boat to make sure it is in the best condition possible.

Knowing how to clean a boat boils to the basics of boat maintenance. You’ll require the equipment of the trade for regular cleaning. This includes microfiber cloths vinyl cleaner, stain remover a soft bristle tool, and a few more things that keep it neat and clean.

Cleaning and maintaining a tidy boat can extend the life of the equipment that is on board, so you can also enjoy your boat for longer and earn the most money when it’s time for you to trade it in for a new vessel. Let’s review a few things to keep at the forefront when considering how to keep your boat clean.

Make sure you have all the cleaning products on hand to finish the job correctly. There’s nothing as frustrating as putting in hours only to need to start all over again, or worse even, the boat has been damaged.

The most essential equipment and supplies you’ll require

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Leather shammy, towels, or dry rug
  • Washing the boat (Phosphate free)
  • Fiberglass polish
  • Boat wax

Begin by taping the waterline of the boat in order to not let any contaminants get on the underside or remove the antifouling and clean.

Next, give your boat a good wash using fresh water. then apply the boat wash generously with a soft bristle brush. Make sure you’ve scrubbed the entire boat and work to improve how you look after any major marks using a stain remover.

After that Rinse the boat in order to rid the boat of any soapsuds which may remain on. You can pick up the best boat wash from PS7 to PS14 from many outdoor stores or the chandleries. Some of the most well-known brands are Starbite, 3M, and Pro Marine. And if you like doing your bit for Mother Nature, there are also a number of environmentally-friendly boat cleaning products you can get your hands on.

Avoid using household cleaners like washing-up liquid when cleaning your boat because it can scratch the existing wax layers off your boat and off your boat accessories, meaning that you’ll need to apply wax on it more frequently later on. It’s also not designed for the marine environment and can be bad for waterways.

Use a dry towel to apply an even coat of polish to your vessel. After covering the boat completely, wipe it down with a dry cloth or towel, helping to eliminate any dust that may have accumulated on the vessel prior to applying the wax. A quality boat polish can bring you back to PS18 and there are many brands offering good products.

The next step on the list is to make circular motions, and cover your boat in boat wax. Make sure you don’t miss any patches, as the wax is what will give you that fantastic shiny finish. After that, go over the wax using a clean towel and reveal a sparkling clean hull – just like brand new. You’ll be able to find quality boat wax somewhere between PS10 and PS20 at chandleries and outdoor shops.